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While preliminary word acquisition functionality on PRL 8 53 was only 107. 46% of baseline, topics recalled words at 132. 5 142. 7% of the baseline rate 24 hours after testing, and at 145. 2 146. 2% after a week. kg 1 of the hypnotic results of barbitone but not of pentobarbitone, reduction of immobility length within the pressured swimming test 16 256 mg. kg 1; moderate antagonism 256 mg. kg 1; lack of consequences at the provisional checks for antidepressants: no interplay with reserpine , oxotremorine , or apomorphine precipitated hypothermia but potentiation of yohimbine brought about toxicity; loss of peripheral sympathetic outcomes no mydriasis, no salivation, no contraction of the pilomotor muscles, no antagonism of reserpine brought on ptosis; lack of peripheral anticholinergic results no mydriasis, no antagonism of oxotremorine precipitated salivation or lacrimation. As in comparison to no analeptic, anticholinergic or antidepressant drugs, adrafinil displays a completely unique behavioural profile in mice defined on the one hand by a specific stimulant pastime associated with antidepressant like outcome s that do no seem related to a beta adrenergic mechanism and at the other hand by a lack of dopaminergic results. Most adrafinil brought about effects augment in locomotor endeavor, discount of immobility duration in the compelled swimming test may correspond to a crucial alpha 1 adrenergic stimulation, but the unexpected lack of peripheral sympathetic consequences is still unexplained. It has been marketed in France due to the fact that September 19, 1985.